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The Jalapenos - Album - Loquisimo! (CD)

Image of The Jalapenos - Album - Loquisimo! (CD)

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The Jalapenos (Circa 2004 - 3D Discs)
Go on - you know you want it...

Track listing:
1. Jump start
2. Good lookin' trouble
3. Three days on the beer
4. Movin' and shakin'
5. Bad tattoo
6. I wear leather
7. A bit of strange
8. Wandering eye
9. Accused
10. Out to hunch
11. Lucifer Syd
12. Mean motorcycle
13. Keshi head
14. Keeping music live
15. I caught you lookin'
16. Lanterne rouge

Alternatively this release is available as an mp3 download from all major download stores worldwide.

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