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FUGITIVE - EP Locked & Loaded

Image of FUGITIVE - EP Locked & Loaded

£2.00 - On Sale

Featuring 3 new tracks from the forthcoming album 'The Awakening' and a fourth 'bonus track' for the CD release, the first new single 'Light it Up' only previously available via MP3 download.

Track list:
1. Race The Rain
2. Slave To Love
3. Two Hearts
4. Light It Up - Bonus Track for the CD release.

Alternatively this release is available as an mp3 download from all major download stores worldwide. (As the EP for tracks 1 -3, and as a single for Light It Up)

EP Review from Fireworks Magazine:
British Hard Melodic Rockers Fugitive made quite a splash with their comeback album, 'Black Planet'. Crammed with the sort of stick in the mind tracks that littered the late seventies and early eighties, this band managed to combine seriously big choruses to hard hitting riffs. LOCKED & LOADED continues the theme, 'Race The Rain' giving off a Scorpions vibe, while the riff and 'ow-ow-ow-oww' of 'Slave To Love' has great fun combining early Whitesnake to the Americanised version that took the band to global success. That 'Two Hearts' does a great job of showcasing the slower side of the band also proves Fugitive can mix things up and still come out on top. They may not have been prolific across their twenty-seven years together but Fugitive are really making up for lost time' (Steven Reid - for Fireworks Magazine).